Great tamboura orchestra RTV Vojvodina

The best orchestra in Serbia which nourishes authentic music and keeps tradition of playing tamburitza, favorite traditional instrument in these parts of Europe. Since 1949 orchestra performs not only traditional ethno pieces but also very demanding pieces similar to those for chamber orchestras. Very high level of performance it has built during the years when the repertoire was widened with pieces of the greatest achievements in composing )Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Rossini and others).

 This orchestra also prodiced one of the great names soloists such as : Janika Balaz, Josim Familic, Tugomir Nikolic, Cveta Sladic and many others.

Today Great tamboura orchestra RTV Vojvodina follows modern flows in music by enriching repertoire and keeps high quality of the performance.  Confirmation of the big success are lots of concerts, great gala concert for 60th anniversary and prestigious award for The best tamboura orchestra in the world.