Leonel Mitre (Argentina)


Leonel Mitre is writer, lawyer, cultural manager and founder of Cinefilia Tanguera. Since he came into contact with the tango, divides his time between literature and the effort to promote the diverse cultural expressions around tango.Possessor of the largest short film collection about tango in the world, he presented with great success this Itinerant Festival in over 15 countries and 3 continents.

As a writer he won several awards for the story "Destino Espiral". Also he wrote the novel “Desapología de la Esperanza” (Unapologie of hope) about the financial crisis in Argentina in 2001. This book was published on the 10th anniversary, by Casa de Moneda of Argentine.

He wrote the novel on poetic prose “Naturaleza Pétrea” (Stone Nature), and the rehearsal “Nacido de una piedra” (Born of a stone), both about the Italian sculptor Pinuccio Sciola. The books were published on 2014 for the editorial Prova D’Autore, in Italian language.In 2014 was part of the Conseil of Fundation of the Editorial of the Congress of Argentine Nation.

Just finished, his new novel “Andar sin pensamientos” (Walking without thinking, 2018) is set in the world of tango