Science in the art of tango

Rhythm as the first language: from dance to poetry, form flamenco to tango


Roman Balvanović PhD in Electrotechnics and researcher in Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, at the department of Physics will guide us ‘From dance to poetry, form flamenco to tango '. While we dance tango, we are not aware that the heart of black Africa beats strongly in it. We didn’t realize that for our ancestors, music and dance had permeated the life. The author will enlighten some of the most important functions of the rhythms and their reflection on the poetry.

Roman translates poetry from Spanish and English and also writes poetry. He has published five books of poetry: ‘Sav taj SON’, ‘Poema o kante hondu, Federico Garcia Lorca’ , ‘Napevi flamenka’, Tuntùn De Pasa Y Grifería’ and ‘Horizont’. He has great numbers of translations of well-known authors such as  F.G.Lorca, Pablo Neruda, Shakespeare, Langston Hughes and many more.