DJ DrkOH (Serbia)

Darko has been a passionate collector and researcher of tango music for more than 10 years. Adored DJ in the Europe and more, he has the perfect mix of codigo and creativity which brings well-balanced energy flow and constantly pleasant atmosphere.  Inspiration  that DarkOH has drawn for his tracks lie not only in his favourites such as Carlos Di Sarli,  Anibal Troilo, Juan D`Arienzo and Osvaldo Pugliese, but also in couples energy that flows at each ronda before him. Besides DJ-ing on the biggest regular Milongas in Belgrade since 2009 he is the favourite to play on prestige Tango Festivals, Tango Marathons and events worldwide.

He said - Tango will live longer than any of us, but in this lifetime, I consider Tango DJ as sort of Medium between Tango music and Milongueros. My job, and a job of other DJ colleagues is not an easy one, it is responsible job, mix of rules and creativity.

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