Angel Coria & Claudia Sortino (ARG / ITA)

Their classes are full of passion, their  performances are unique, they are adored in Argentina and Europe and they are here for you. Have fantastic time practicing and learning form the legends in 4 class programme featuring comprehensive topics and dedication to participants.


Angel Coria

Starting from the age of 7 in the province of Buenos Aires Angel has set a massively long llist of achievements and revards. He has studied and worked with esteemed companies such as  Mariano Mores, Osvaldo Berlingieri, Santiago Ayala ‘El Chucaro’, Norma Viola plus many more.

In Buenos Aires he worked in famous shows : ‘Noche Portena’ and in theatres ‘Viejo Almace,  Senor tango, La Ventana, Sabor a tango as a director and choreographer. He was part of  the teaching body with institutions prestigious as Ballet  Nacional Argentino, Nacional University Institute of Art and University of tango. Angel is famous for his role of principal dancer and Assistant  Director of choreography in  ‘Tango’ by Carlos Saura. Curently he runs 3 Argentine tango schools and is a jury judge since 2003 at Metropolitan and World Tango Championships , Tango World Dance Cup Buenos Aires.His pedagogy unique style leads from basic technique to simple and complex movements, never neglecting musicality and harmony in pair work.  Angel and Claudia are internationally acknowledged and well-known for their useful way of teaching that helps the learner in the learning process with an amusing and stimulating method.


Claudia Sortino

Claudia Sortino PhD in Mathematics she turned to art of modern and classical dance in 1988 but she met the tango in 2001. Since  2009 she holds the Master para maestros de tango at the Escuela Argentina de Tango in Buenos Aires. Furthermore, she combines her two passions tango and mathematics in her book Mathematics and The Tango with an expert and scholar of neuroscience. She is an organizer international tango meetings and festivals and was honored with the Pigna D’Argento Award for the development of the art in Sicily. Her distinctive form of expressing her feelings and interpretation of the music  enriches sophisticated movements. Claudia has her own teaching method with clear instructions which help understanding and a lot of practice to pass it from your mind to your body. She works on the elegance and body dynamic required for a great connection.