DJ Dark-Oh

Gran milonga with the grand DJ Dark-OH, can you imagine anything better!

He always brings the finest choice of tango melodies and makes the dancers believe in their own dreams. He puts the -OH -  in every song!

Darko Vicentijevic has been performing as a tango Dj for a quite long time and has also  performed in various festivals  and  marathons in different countries.

 He had performed extremely good in the international festivals as well as DJ-ing on the biggest regular Milongas in his home city, Dark-Oh played on prestige Tango Festivals like International Istanbul Tango Festival (Adile Sultan Palace), Stockholm Tango Festival, Stockholm Tango Lovers, Belegrade Tango Encuentro, Cilento Tango roots, Zagreb Tango Festival… Tango Marathons such as Noches de Hungria, Amor en Budapest, 24h Milonga, Pomeranian Tango Marathon, New Year`s Belgrade Tango Marathon… Prestige regular Milongas in Vienna (Galeria Ideal), Istanbul (Dalyan Club); Milan, Bergamo, Brescia; “Dulce de Noche” (La Mancha – Istanbul), Santa Mergellina (Napoli), Tango Devoradores Marathon (Wroclaw), Caminata por el Lago – Encuentro Milonguero Balaton, Timisoara Tango Festival, Summer Baklava Tango (Sarajevo), Austrian Alpine Abrazo, Riga Tango Marathon, TangoTo Istanbul Festival, Montenegro mountain summer tango camp – Kolasin, Tango Paradise, Tango Cazino Cluj …

“Playing on a Milonga, my job is to make people believe in what they already know – life is Tango and vice versa.” – Dark-Oh