Marcelo Ramer & Selva Mastroti (Argentina)


We have the exquisite honor to welcome again Marcelo and Selva, dancers whose smooth gliding movements, spontaneity and simplicity  leave everyone breathless.  Their classes are full of passion, their  performances are unique, they are adored in Argentina and Western Europe and they are here for you.

 This  exquisite dancing couple started their artistic training early, first in Cordoba, later in Buenos Aires with great number of teachers who taught them love and respect towards tango dance. Marcelo and Selva have been dancing together more than 14 years , improving their style constantly.

 Starting from the deep roots of tango, they move across all its facets, from basic technique to simple and complex movements, never neglecting musicality and harmony in pair work. Selva and Marcelo are internationally acknowledged and well-known for their specific way of teaching that helps the learner in the learning process with an amusing and stimulating method.